23 7 / 2014

Much excitement today. The admin team were preparing for tomorrow and the day after as we’re hosting some training sessions for our clients who are interested/have signed up for Xero which is some software/application that is accessible from a laptop or even iPad to make accounting easier!

My admin boss got into the spirit and went out and bought new cups and saucers and glassware and even teaspoons! I don’t know if the big boss was aware of the buying spree…and I wasn’t here last year when the same training days occurred, but they had coped somehow.

I am glad that we have new glassware and teaspoons, though. I’ll have to hide the new stuff after the training sessions. Why hide? Because the spoons, especially will dull with repeated use so I’ll save them for the sporadic client and the old spoons will be more accessible for staff. 

The white cups and saucers do look very nice with the blue serviettes (paper napkins).

On a completely different note, I was glad to see the neighbour’s white cat this evening as I got home, it’s been too cold lately for her to stay out at night. She was sitting on top of a car that must have been recently parked because it was still warm. She allowed some cheek rubs and was disappointed when I left, but the hood of the car was too toasty warm for her to move.

22 7 / 2014

As I have a weakness for food, I didn’t have to be persuaded for very long before I agreed to go out to lunch today. Lunch was at New Shanghai in the Chatswood Chase food court and with the promise of xiao long bao and various other foods including rice cakes, I did not regret my decision!

One of the lunching people had a voucher so with a percentage off the total, I only paid $12 for a very satisfying lunch.

We found out today that we did make out requirements from the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) with a lodgement rate of 86.3 (or thereabouts) for the last financial year. The required level to pass was 85.00 so we just scraped by. But hey, we made it!

Thank you to my new follower!

Hope you all had a pleasant Monday!

21 7 / 2014

So BFF and I both totally forgot that Flour and Stone doesn’t open on Sundays.

To make up for it, we went to bills for brunch. Although with all the waiting, we weren’t seated until after 12pm. We still ordered the ‘Classics’ anyways, which was brunch options. I got the scrambled eggs with sourdough bread with a side of miso mushrooms. It was very, very nice. BFF ordered the ricotta hotcakes but it wasn’t until we were almost finished did we realise that it hadn’t come with the pot of syrup that it was supposed to. When we finally brought it to a waitstaff’s attention it was plonked on the table very abruptly and BFF proceeded to drown her last pieces of hotcakes with it.

We were going to order the sweetcorn fritters as well, but when it came out…it was just one. One on a plate. I decided not to make a fuss as I wasn’t sure that I could finish all of it - even sharing. It was the right decision for both my stomach and my wallet. 

We then did a lot of walking. A lot. But I picked up some gift tags (because Twin and I are not card people) from an awesome paper shop, B2. I then did an impulse buy at mushu for a new pair of earrings. So cute!

I also finally bought a new case for my phone and some chocolates from Josophan’s. We finally ended up at Max Brenner near Wynyard for a much needed respite for my feet. A nice hot chocolate and a chocolate soufflé (really a chocolate fondant).

I think I can’t go out again for a while….just blew the budget out of the water!! Oh wait…Cupcake Tour is next Saturday and next Sunday is lunch with the Uni Crew…oh dear.

Hope you all had a great (and less expensive) weekend!

20 7 / 2014

Twin and I had dinner with Five Year Plan and Group Leader at Fix St James. Twin and I were feeling a little guilty about not being sociable so this dinner was to help appease the guilt and our tastebuds.

Food was excellent and the pear cider I drank was very nice, too.

We shared school prawns with chilli salt and aioli, bone marrow, pork belly (the boys ate that - poo), pork terrine with apple and pistachio. We also shared two main dishes, whole fish (snapper) and a pasta dish. Of course we had their duck fat roasties as a ‘beside’. For dessert I had their apple crumble and Twin and a very nice selection of petite fours.

Tomorrow I meet up with BFF and we’re trying out Flour and Stone Bakery!!

19 7 / 2014

There were nine of us that went to lunch. We walked out into the cold, windy midday and I didn’t bring a scarf or a jacket. I very much wish I did. So cold!

Nine, Asian girls chatting and giggling all the way to The Rice Den. After pay day yesterday, I was looking forward to being able to buy food. As it was the birthday of one of the junior Super Fund girls, it was the perfect time to go out for lunch.

Looks like a few other people from our office had the same idea for lunch and there were about 5 others that ended up going for the take away option.

From the nine, six girls ordered the red duck curry. It was definitely a favourite. Two ordered Singaporean noodles and lonely, lonely me ordered the Buddha with egg (vegetarian fried rice). I could have done without the bamboo. Really wish I has said ‘No bamboo”. 

Now off to bed as I fell asleep in the car on the way home and I’m face-planting into the keyboard now!

Have a good weekend!

18 7 / 2014

🎵I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!🎵

I have those song lyrics stuck in my head.

Pay day! Finally got to put some more cash in my wallet!

This week has been so tiring! I fell asleep in the car while my co-worker drove. How embarrassing. And it is not even the first time!!

Hope you all have a pleasant end for the (work)week!

17 7 / 2014

Today in dance class we were introduced to some of the types of steps we’ll be doing for the Khaleegy style. It is meant to be a women’s social dance, where they gather for fun. It should feel natural and easy.

Lots of bouncy steps in this style and although we start off small and a little subtle, it really got the heart going and my body heated up. A nice thing to happen when the weather is so cold!

I think I relaxed into the steps as it isn’t hard and isn’t meant to be too showy or precise. The teacher asked if I had done a bit of Khaleegy before (that is a ‘no’), so I guess I’m getting into the feel of it quickly. Yay! 

So looking forward to tomorrow - Pay Day!! (I have about $13 left in my wallet and my savings account looks just as bad. Haha)

16 7 / 2014

My admin boss brought in some chocolate bread her twin made.

It was tweaked from a chocolate walnut recipe, so the choc chip portion was increased and instead of walnuts….Nutella was used. I have to say, the end result was very yummy.

Tomorrow I start my belly dance class for a new term. We will be looking at a new type of dance that isn’t technically classified as belly dance and it is called khaleegy. It originates from the Persian Gulf area and each country in that region has their own name for the women’s style.

I am a big fan of the BBC three part/four part/however many part series that has ties with history, art, sociology, science and whatever strikes my fancy. This time it was a three part series called The Story of Women and Art. From canvas and oils to marble, to cloth, to gardens and the home. This was a truly eye-opening series. If you get a chance, check it out. 

15 7 / 2014

I sure am missing the kitties.

Felt very different going to sleep last night without a weight on my legs and a little lump of resistance at my side.

On the plus side, I have all my things and my books!

Hope everyone survived the Monday!

14 7 / 2014

I managed to get a few more last photos of the kitties!

Both decided to join me to snooze through the night and although I had used many of the late night hours to read, the sound of the snoring kitties was very adorable.

Lucy seemed to know something was up and came meowing at me a few times. I managed to get her sitting on my lap twice!! Posy tried but her claws were too sharp even through my jeans and I had to push her off.

When The Cat Guy’s Mother came back, Posy was very quick to sit on her lap. 

I thought the clouds of the late afternoon were quite pretty and my main at Bellini’s was very pretty, too. And tasty. It was veal and mushroom with cream and white wine sauce. Hopefully the next time we’re there, we’ll get dessert!