24 7 / 2013

So I already had dinner plans for tonight but I was extra happy with the news that I now have a job!
A bunch of us went to a place in Lane Cove called Via Napoli.
So we started off with the complimentary bread with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. According to one of the waiters, they had run out of the balsamic so we got a small drop. But we were also one of the first tables of the night, so I don’t know what they had as back-up.
I ordered a mojito and it was really yum. I usually prefer caprioskas over mojitos but this was good. Not too alcoholic and the little sugar granules at the bottom was a nice added sweetness.
As a starter we ordered fried mozzarella and as they were quite large we split the three among the six of us. The cured meats tasting platter was a very nice size to share. Different saltiness and spice with two cheeses. If you look closely you can spot the crisp flat bread underneath.
For the main we ordered the 1 metre long pizza with three different flavours. They even do a 2 metre long pizza but we couldn’t even imagine trying to consume that!!
I can’t remember the names or exactly what was on each but there was salami, ham and ricotta on one section, prawns on another and fresh tomato and mozzarella on the third one.
I managed to have one slice of each kind but it was a fight to do so.
For dessert we ended up sharing that one tiramisu between the six of us. At first the waiter tried to get us to order more but a few of us were contemplating gelato. In the end we all shared that one tiramisu and that was a good thing!!
Everything was buonissima!